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Making home in Kolkata

23 Apr

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“You’re getting married to a guy from  Kolkata? Oh no! ”

This came along with every congratulatory message after I got engaged.
Ive tried hard, really hard, to loathe Kolkata. Till it dawned upon me that each city , especially this one, is a matter of perspectives. Either you see the trams as useless obstructions or vintage wagons adding to its rustic beauty. I remember Ifte, a city walk operator,telling me,   ” Every city does its share of dirty work. But Kolkata, unlike most urban cities of India, lacks that cosmetic layer covering it.” And all the apprehensions I had about the city, went flying out of the window.I saw the beauty behind overcrowded streets selling lamps, the sweaty chai- wallah serving tea in baked mud cups and the nearly rusted trams  running through the cobwebbed city.
Perhaps ill soon  grow out of being a  tourist in the city and blame the placid government like all do, but somewhere deep down, Ive developed a soft corner for the City of Joy. And no matter who gets elected this 13th of May, Ive hung my boots in the City of Joy!
Kemon Acho Kolkata?