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Urban Gardening

10 Sep

Imagine picking fresh juicy ripe tomatoes from your garden, plucking a few springs of oregano leaves growing in a shrub beside them and sandwiching all that fresh goodness between two slices of brown bread for a breakfast-on-the-go. My taste buds are already dancing at the thought and there is a whole tsunami of saliva in mouth.

Arrangements for that brilliant breakfast that I am going to have hopefully, after three months, have just been made. Bablu, my gardener and me have sprinkled some seeds in a patch of soil on the terrace and in a scatter of pots. And very soon, Ill have my very own kitchen garden.

I was never a big fan of urban gardening till I tasted the curry made of home grown peas at my aunt’s place.You have no idea what a difference that makes.Every little pea shone in pride with pretty parrot green coloring and showing off its rounded bosom with smooth sparkle. And of course, it tasted like lil balls of sugar. A quick toss on the stove with spoonful of olive oil, salt and lil milk was all it took to prepare the yummy curry.

Parsley, basil, oregano, dil, thyme and rocket leaves make up the herbs in my small brown mud pots. My seasonal vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, pak choy and spinach have made their way to the vegetable patch on the rooftop.

You don’t need a lot of land to grow these vegetables. A large pot in a sunny spot in perfectly sufficient for the herbs. But the carrots and the lettuce might need small strip of your garden or rooftop.And your bitter gourds and cucumber vines require enough space to crawl around.As long as the patch gets enough sun and has rich manured soil, it should do us good.

My gardener had planted some ridge gourd, brinjals and serrano chillies last summer. Look what luscious crop they gave!