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Coming up: A series of blogs on Italy

19 May

Italy was nothing we expected and everything we didn’t. Rome was overpriced but the food and drink in the pretty Trastevere area were a stifling amount. Venice isn’t half as exotic as it sounds but Burano island near Venice is a grown up’s toy house.  You get pizza as good as Naples woodoven bakes in most good Italian international restaurants but rarely will you find crime and pollution sidling up with palaces and mighty museums to create such an exhilarating blend. Every street in Florence tells you a story. Apart from being hallowed by Hollywood stalwarts like George Clooney and Madonna, Bellagio blossoms pretty in the spring. No amount of reading, romanticised travelogues or photo essay can actually prepare you for the beauty of Tuscany.Image


 Everyone has their own tale of their Italian rampages. For me, Italy was piecing together bits of my history textbooks, living through the Bard’s Julius Caesar, seeing shooting stars in Tuscany and downing limoncellos in the salty air of Amalfi Coast.  

A series of blogs coming up next. I cover Rome, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como and Tuscany. Some fun tips, what to keep your eyes open for when walking through these streets and two guide of each of the counties mentioned above.

Happy Reading!