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Lemons from my garden!

20 Feb

Beautiful lemons that my lil farm patch threw up yesterday. Oh by the way, did you guys know about the organic rooftop farming that happened in kolkata last weekend at the Jaju house. Thumbs up to the organisers. I wish we have more of those!



Sonar Tori

10 Feb

A little treasure this one is! Sonar Tori is a bengali restaurant in Ambuja Group’s Ganga Kutir in quaint verdant hamlet of Raichak. Sonar Tori has popped up in some wanderer diaries. It’s organic cemented walls with no paint are adorned with paintings and scriptures. The multiple room, two floor restaurant is strewn with artefacts and ancient wooden furniture. Simply the best interiors in town. Won an award or too. Maybe its the distance (its beyond joka) but its still a pretty much undiscovered haven!